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              Working at Compass

              Whether you’re passionate about food, customer service or business, there is something for everyone at Compass.

              We are always looking for people to join us. So if you share our values of integrity, teamwork, passion, can-do and responsibility, come and explore. Potential opportunities in Compass can be found under the following categories. For more information, email us at recruit@compass-group.com.cn

              Operations cover everything from our on-site support, kitchen through to our customer service team members.Whichever role you join us in, your number one focus will be on delivering quality – whether you’re a chef, a service team member or a general manager who’s motivating and inspiring your team to achieve greatness! So, if you’ve got a strong people focus, passion and the desire to be the best you can be, then we have a wide range of career opportunities available for you. All levels of experience and ambition are catered for, so why not see what you could do? Please click on ROLES in OPERATIONS to learn more.

              Central function
              We have opportunities for talented professionals across Finance, IT, HR, Purchasing, Supply Chain, Legal, Sales & Marketing, Retention and Health, Safety & Environment. Within these, we have openings at all levels. To be part of our Compass team, you need to be a 'can-do' person, who thrives on new challenges; likes working in a team within a diverse environment; and consistently delivers to the highest quality.

              Short term internship
              A short-term internship is the perfect way to get a real feel for what it’s like to work with us. It’s also a great way to get your foot in the door. Our internship program can last between 3 to 6 months. Share with us your resume. We will contact you if there is a suitable placement available.


              Roles in operations

              Whether you’re passionate about food, customer service or business, there is something for everyone at Compass...